Tunnel V2

December 8, 2016

I posted a handy single-line trick to forward connections from one ip/port address to another. I recently had a problem where I needed to forward to a port on a local host but the service was only listening on the public interface. OpenSSH however tries to be clever and rewrites the public ip to localhost, which isn’t overridable (the tunnel entrance is overridable but not the exit, which is what I was trying to change).

I therefore present tunnel v2, using NodeJS instead of SSH:

'use strict';

var net = require('net');
var process = require('process');
var console = require('console');

// parse "80" and "localhost:80" or even ""
var addrRegex = /^(([a-zA-Z\-\.0-9]+):)?(\d+)$/;

var addr = {
    from: addrRegex.exec(process.argv[2]),
    to: addrRegex.exec(process.argv[3])

if (!addr.from || ! {
    console.log('Usage: <from> <to>'); // eslint-disable-line no-console
    throw new Error('Not enough arguments');

net.createServer(function onServer(from) {
    var to = net.createConnection({
}).listen(addr.from[3], addr.from[2]);

Adapted from Andrey Sidorov