December 5, 2016

I have a particular interest in multicolor pens and I’ve developed a taste for them over the years since using the common BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen. Those pens only have four basic colors, and the actual tips and ink result in inconsistent sticky ink flow. BIC also makes 4-Color pens with finer points but that only results in spotty writing.

Next up, I’ve also used the Zebra Multi Color Pen which is a similar pen but with an additional pencil included. The ink and ballpoint is also slightly better than the BIC.

For those who optimize for options, there’s 6 color and 10 color pens. If the ridiculousness of the number of colors doesn’t keep you from using the pens every day, the problem with having so many colors is that their individual ink sticks are more off-center. This causes more bending of the ink and can make the side of a ballpoint pen scrape along paper. It also makes writing more spongy because of the increased room and bent existent within the pen.

The pen that I use now is the Uni Jetstream Pen. It contains the four standard black, red, green, and blue colors, plus a pencil and eraser. It has some reasonable weight, the writing is consistent, and it looks pretty professional.