iTerm2 Search History

July 19, 2019

Like a bunch of people, I keep a dotfiles repository to version control and synchronize my Linux and MacOS configs. One of the things that I store in there is my iTerm2 configuration so that I can synchronize things like same color schemes. It looks like several other people do the same thing.

However, I noticed that iTerm saves searches that you’ve run in the terminal window so iTerm can show history, which means that people are also publishing searches that they’ve made in a private terminal window. These configs can be found inside a file called com.googlecode.iterm2.plist under a config key called NoSyncSearchHistory so I wrote a script to scrape Github for these searches. The results of the search were mostly boring, with terms like kubernetes or user, though I did find someone’s AWS IAM key (I’m currently waiting for a reply from the person about the leakage).