Projects: Git-Browse

March 18, 2017

I’ve recently worked on a project called Git-Browse to help look up information in github and uber’s phabricator. Quite often, I’ve found the need to look up information about a git repository in order to share code with people, find history, or file issues. Having to manually look up the repository on github or phabricator takes excessive time and can easily lead to incorrect information from looking at forks. Git-Browse solves the problem by introspecting a git repository’s .git/config file and automatically opening the git repository in a browser. Git-Browse can then be integrated in your local or global .gitconfig as an alias so you can open repository objects with git browse <path>.

While working on git-browse, I found that this is similar to github hub’s browse but git-browse would be a lot easier to support additional repository hosts. Hub doesn’t support opening arbitrary branches or commits either, but it does support opening issues and wikis.

Git-Browse requires python 3 to run. Install it by following the Readme Instructions.