ARM Support

November 29, 2021

I recently got a new 2021 Apple Macbook Pro 14” with the M1 Pro processor (quite a nice upgrade from my previous 2014 Macbook Pro). While the fact that the new ports on the 2021 Macbook Pro are great, the biggest hangup was switching from an AMD64 to an ARM64 CPU. For my development workflow, this meant switching to ARM64 versions of developer tools or switching to entirely different tools altogether. Following is an abridged list of dev tools that I use and what I switched to on ARM64.

AMD64 tool New tool
Python Works great
Node Works great
Go Works great
Desktop apps (Chrome, iTerm, Slack, etc) No issues found
Factorio Works great
Virtualbox UTM
Docker Works great
Phantomjs Chromium
Official MySQL Docker Image Semi-Official MySQL Docker Image
Hadolint No alternative so far
Syncthing Works great
MenuMeters Works great
Amphetamine Works great

So far with few minor hickups, transitioning from AMD64 to ARM64 is working pretty well. Even transitioning off Virtualbox to a different Virtual Machine (UTM/QEMU) platform seemed pretty flawless.